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The first and most important thing for a School Group Manager is to organize his school in clubEFL.
  From the control panel click on

and appears ..

Click on

to create classes of our school

1. Write the name of the class and clicking 2 save our registration.
We continue in the same field to record all the classes that our school has.
Observe the changes made

1. Displays the number of classes we have entered.

2. Appeared another field Segment. That means we must put segments to each class and we can add more than one. eg classA segment1, class B segment 2, class C segment 3 etc.

Now it's the time to add parts to our classes. Click on 3 to add the segment to register parts in our classrooms.

1. We choose a class

2. We write the number 1 or something else as you would like to call the part of this class.

and click the Save Segment

Observe the changes that were made

Our school has up to this moment classes 4 and 8 parts.

If we click on Manage classes or Manage the parts we can see them and manipulate them.

When we enter all the classes and segments we are ready to add students and teachers at clubEFL.

The above procedure is necessary is easy, and only once in the beginning.

Take a look at this video to see how quickly and easily done everything you read above


This is only for you. In the future we can do more professional. And why not in the Turkish language.


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